July 14, 2019

Dating in Munich

( Munich ) Germany
Lydia ( 30 )
Dating in Munich

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  1. Hello, I am Yusuf from Algeria. I am 23 years old. I can provide you with a life of happiness and happiness and give you my heart and affection. Just contact me on Facebook to learn more.

  2. Hello, I am Yusuf from Algeria. I am 23 years old. I can provide you with a life of happiness and happiness and give you my heart and affection. Just contact me on Facebook to learn more.adem savana or m'y nember 0672001180

  3. Hi pretty lady according to your beauty you deserve a good man who can make you smile always.i am ready to be that man and to sacrifice my life for you my WhatsApp number number is +971568001462 my email address:

  4. 💪Hlw i'm Munna.from southeast asia🇧🇩.But now live in saudi arabia🇸🇦
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  5. Hello I am Walid from Egypt and I am looking for a real relationship and true love

  6. Real relationship leads to marriage and established a family but I am very poor I am not rich I tell you this before anything because I do not like lying and deception in the relationship

  7. Hi, I am Rakib from Bangladesh. I am 25 and searching for a foreign woman/girl as my life partner and also a good friend. I am not so rich but wish to become a rich If I get good support and help. And I believe age and distance do not make a relationship. My E-mail is and my FB is Rakibul Hassan Rozen.

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  9. Hello how are you beautiful and nice acquaintance is the only thing for life if you are ready we open an interview that and you hear well everything is love if you are ready for love we open the love page can you open your heart no matter how luscious and honest i feel you fill my heart for love and let's be together Ever come really impressed with your beautiful smile and I want to know more about you and I assure you that you will not regret my knowledge and I wish you success Thank you


  10. Hej Lydia
    Hvordan har du det i dag

    Jeg hedder Williams Brian
    Jeg er fra Atlanta Georgia
    En enlig far til en fantastisk 11 år gammel datter

    Din strålende skønhed har kastet en fortryllelse af mig
    og har overtaget alt andet, jeg nogensinde kan prøve at tænke på
    fordi lige nu kan jeg tænke på bare dig
    ville virkelig elske at kende dig bedre

    skriv mig venligst når du nogensinde kan
    eller tilføj mig WHATSAPP med min
    mobiltelefonnummer +233 571746739

  11. Ich heiße Hazem aus Ägypten aber Jetzt lebe und arbeite ich in Dubai. Ich bin Apotheker und ich bin 36 Jahr alt und ich lernen Deutsche.Ich möchte gerne in Deutschland leben und arbeiten und heiraten.meine Mobile-Nummer ist +971582063530.Können wir reden und weißen unsere Personalien und bitte kannst du mir in Deutsche lernen helfen?

  12. Hello my dear , I hope you're doing good ? thank God I'm also doing good too ? I'm Charles from Ghana a young man of 31 years of age and single without kid, my dear ? merely looking you your beauty and smiling you made me feel peace and comfort, you are beautiful and your beauty really amazed me, I'm in love and without you I'm nothing but sorrowful , I love you and will stand by you wholeheartedly , I'm therefore seeking from you marriage relationship which may lead us to produced a beautiful and blessed offspring, but I know you might hate fake lover's, Lidia ? Prediction may be false even when it becomes true, but trust me, I will never disappoint you, having you is the best thing in my life , I will make you feel secure and I'm always there for you in times of your need and in times of difficulties to comfort you so you may have peace and happiness, love is life but true love is beautiful life and ultimate , I promise to be Faithful and loyal to you but not to cheat or hurt you neither to become rude on you , I will tell you the truth about whatever you want to know , because if man is 100% honest with a woman definitely she will trust him no matter what, that is the sign of a man who wants to grow with you ,though I'm not rich but however hard working, I promise to offer support and accommodation when the situation calls for such , serious love are always respect and support love , more Importantly you make happy and never hurts, I promise to become your best friend, your lover , your soulmate and to hold you in high esteem to toil with you accept any trials and challenges together with you so our heritage won for us, a good relationship is not about how wealthier you're or how good you are in bed, not even sex? but respect to each other how or what kind both might be, the respect to others also and the will to succeed, Lidia ? don't forsake me and accept my proposal to you with Faith, settling down with you as husband and wife is the best thing in our life , you're valued to me and I promise to become a good husband who will fight for you, appreciate you, care for you, respect you and love you more and more, I will show you how serious I'm and how serious I love you, my sincerity, affectionately, humility, compassionate and respect you as my soulmate, I'm always there for you in times of your need so you may have peace and comfort i promise to put you under my arm to be protected and next the heart to be loved ,I'm sad being single but however accepted as is my Faith, my dear ? When life gives you something that disturbed your peace and comfort don't become sad sometimes disappointment might be your blessing, Lidia my love ? I believed you may be my blessing ? a blessing that my entire being is thankful for .. I feel that we are made to love, listen, understand and work through all times in our lives together , a truly rare gift of love , you make me feel loved , you make me feel wanted , more Importantly you make me feel needed, I will never forsake you but to become Faithful and loyal to you, I will give you the love that you always dreamed of, where you're in harmony with my soul, I promise to put you first in every circumstances and stay together with you in times of difficulties until death do us apart, I'm waiting to hear from you soon, Yours Faithfully, Charles. +233244631824 or Sulecharlesagyenaab@gmail.Ghana


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